Should I Call Iraqi Dinar a Scam Now?

Iraq dinar scamIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It is hard to say yes or no but we will have to proof it, if we consider it as scam. We have no any official document that could describe whether it is scam or not. None of the bank or any reputed financial institution declared it as scam. Just one thing that people consider is the high speculation in the dinar investment.

Due to this speculation, many of the people don’t consider it as investment. There are some of the important things that go in the favor of Iraqi dinar and its investment. The UN chapter VII, frozen assets of Iraq, international banks operating in Iraq, 3 million barrels oil per day, $22 billion investment in no oil sector, WTO membership, 120 tons of gold and 88 billion dollar cash reserves matter a lot. These positive changes make Iraqi dinar a favorable investment.

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