Businessmen Are Windows For Foreign Investments: Hassan

Foreign InvestmentIraqi Dinar 123 News:– The deputy governor of Dhi Qar Hassan said that businessmen are windows to foreign investment in the country, and therefore they are trying their best to provide all possible facilities to their investors in Iraq. He said that satisfied foreign investors are our assets and we struggle hard to protect them. The statement of the deputy governor of Dhi Qar is considered so important because many of the foreign investors are avoiding Iraq for the investment.

Iraq is struggling hard to attract foreign investors and multinational companies to operate in the country. The central bank of Iraq is doing some changes in the banking laws of Iraq so that foreign banks may attract towards this country to open new branches in the country. Numbers of foreign companies and international banks were operating almost in all the major cities of Iraq but the clashes between Iraq security forces and ISIS affected a lot and destroyed the economy of Iraq. Numbers of international companies have stopped their business operations in the country and withdrawing their capital from local and foreign banks and transferring this amount to the nearby countries. Central bank and finance ministry of Iraq are trying their best to bring them back in the country.

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