Burning of Ballot Boxes and Re-election call from Al-Jubouri

On Sunday, the head of Iraqi House of Representatives, Salim Al-Jubouri issued a statement that the burning incident of ballot boxes in the warehouses of Rusafa area has been considered an intentional act and prearranged crime. The main objective of this burning was to hide the case of misuse and falsification of votes. The act was against the will and choice of Iraqi people in the selection of their desired representatives for the next term of the Iraqi parliament. Al-Jubouri said in his press statement that re-election will be called due to the fraudulent and manipulation evidence in the recent election in the country have been found. The evidence has shown the falsification of election results and it was against the will of Iraqi people in a dangerous and prearranged manner. He added that he will pursue those elements who participated in the fraud and destruction operations. He said that the security services and experienced authorities in Baghdad have been called to take immediate & strict investigation and security measures connected with the size of this degrading crime.

Re-election call from Al-Jubouri


Al-Jubouri asked the Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, the regulatory institutions, and Iraqi & international media to follow up the details of this operation. Point to be noted that the Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee, Muhammad Al-Rubaee issued a statement regarding the burning incident. He said that ballot boxes used in the elections for the results of Rusafa have been burned but the causes of fire haven’t yet disclosed. It is important that the Iraqi parliament voted for re-counting on Wednesday. They voted to sort the votes of recent parliamentary elections manually and stopped the work of Electoral Commission. They agreed to the appointment of judges to oversee the process of manual counting. Some Iraqi political blocs considered that the decision of Iraqi House of Representatives was to bring back some losers to the Iraqi parliament. Rubaee said in a press conference the fire broke out the stores of trade in the Rusafa and entirely damaged the ballot boxes containing voter registration papers of the recent elections.

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