Bullish Prevails in Stocks

Stock MarketIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It has been reported that the Security Commission decided to raise the number of shares traded in the foreign market of securities. The shares were equal to 71 million shares during the previous week. It was told by a news briefing that the disclosure, transparency and the mechanisms of action developed in creating an ideal working environment. A weekly bulletin showed the details regarding the weekly bulletin adding to other details respectively.

The North Bank and Corporation Bank Mansour Investments Inc Canadian production and a few other companies also added their details. The index showed the companies that are quite active through the value of trading done between the First Bank of Kurdistan, Ashur International Bank and Sumer Commercial Bank.

The details given by the different banks include the details provided by the joint stock companies. These details were provided in such a way that everything provided would be such that regulations listed by the Iraqi market for securities would provide a different system of management. With sensible management the growth in the stocks would be such that the stock market and the other details regarding other details would be such that things would provide better future for the Iraq stock market.

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