Budget to be Approved in The Next Few Days, Finance Committee

Iraq NewsAbdul Hussein Al Yasiri, the MP of finance committee said that finance committee of Iraq will approve budget 2014 in next few days. He said that major and minor conflicts between Baghdad and Erbil will be resolved soon and the government is already negotiating with concerned parties. Hopefully, United States of America will play vital role in settlement of the things between both of the regions. It is said that Baghdad will be ready for the acceptance of 100,000 barrel oil per day instead of 400,000 as demanded by Baghdad.

Kurdistan will not export the crude oil in international market at lesser price than Iraq and other countries in the region. Moreover Kurdistan will import electricity from Iran after approval and negotiation of Baghdad according to these new terms. Keep in the mind that these are expected terms and not decided yet. Iran is not happy with the arbitration of United States of America in dispute between Baghdad and Erbil. Iran wanted to play role in this matter as it is not ready to accept the influence of United States in the region again. The budget will be approved after the final results of elections 2014 as announced by finance committee of Iraq.

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