Budget to be Resumed After Eid: Tamimi

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Member of the Parliament of the Liberal bloc Magda Abdel Latif Al-Tamimi said that on Thursday for the Special Committee to manage the discussion of the 2014 budget. Everything would get settled after the holidays. He sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance regarding the budget of the running year. He said that the budget does not reflect reality and it is important to make amendments in it.

According to the situation reported by Tamimi; it is important to make the budget on the grounds of export of oil. The budget has been 17 percent for the oil. The Iraqi Council of Representatives showed that the last edition shown by the federal budget for 2014 was not accepted due to the disagreements between political figures on the bases of law.

It was expected that the House of Representatives Bdorth and the previous two committees and a few other people were given some time to settle their disputes and reach a solution regarding the budget, especially the issue regarding the share of the Kurdistan region. This is important as the Kurdistan region needs to increase the oil exports to 400 barrels of oil per day. It was necessary to manage things in a better way for a proper budget system.

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