Budget may be up to parliament this week

Budget may be up to parliament this week


Informed sources said the Cabinet’s efforts to send the general budget for the year 2014 to the House of Representatives this week. In the case arrived in the budget bill, the House of Representatives will be forced to cancel the legislative recess until the adoption of the budget. Article (57) of the Constitution reads as follows: “The Council of Representatives session of the annual two legislative running for eight months, the system determines of procedure how, the season does not end session which presented the general budget only after approval.”

The sources confirmed that “the House of Representatives extended its work until the end of the official working day 17 of this month, and if reached would be canceled holiday budget until final approval of the law”.

This comes at a time when called for politicians to change the strategy of the work of the House of Representatives and the activation of the supervisory and legislative role for the remaining period of the last chapter of the life of Parliament.

In this regard, through the MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, “expressed optimism that the witness stage the remaining life of the Parliament to pass important laws that serve the citizens and contribute to improving the situation of living for them.”

He predicted al-Bayati said witnessing the last chapter of the age of the House of Representatives pass laws that serve the citizens and contribute to improving the living conditions and focused discussions around such laws: “Retirement new unified, and the salary scale, budget, and social security,” calling on the Presidency and the masses to stay away from the inclusion of laws contentious


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