Current year budget deficit will be 30 trillion Iraqi dinars

Current year budget deficit will be 30 trillion Iraqi dinars


budget lawBaghdad (news) … see a number of specialists in economic affairs that Iraq will face a financial problem in the general budget, especially after he is retired exchange entitlements within the General Retirement Law as well as the granting of petroleum provinces in the amount of five dollars as part of the project, including the petro-dollar deficit did not constitute puts Lawmakers in mind before calculating the budget based on the price per barrel of $ 90. ,

and calculates the difference between revenues and expenses, we find that the first would amount to more than 139 trillion Iraqi dinars, as will be the second 170 trillion dinars, or a little more and a deficit true up to 30 trillion dinars, which is the difference financial created by the passage of a law the public pension and allowances of petrodollars.

said financial expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine (of the Agency news) that ‘the increase incommodity prices and real estate contributed to the high volume of inflation in the country for up to 3%, including raising the poverty rate in Iraq, despite the fact that the expense of the poverty rate in the budget amounted to about 19%, suggesting the presence of 6.3 million Iraqis under the poverty line, calling on the government and authorities Mahtsh Kozara Planning and Finance to work to address this issue.

while pointing out the economic expert Hussein Allawi, the star that ‘delay in approving the budget of the country would lead to losses that may worth more than 1.5 billion dollars a month ‘, noting that’ it may impose on Iraq to increase its oil exports to compensate for the losses incurred during this stage. ‘

added the star that the ‘high rates of real deficit in the country’s budget will increase to 50 trillion dinars after it was less of about 20 trillion ‘. Referring to ‘the possibility to cover the deficit by reducing the operating budget. ” The budget this year, 164 trillion dinars, equivalent to 147 billion U.S. dollars, calculated per barrel of oil worth $ 90 and the quantity of export of 2.6 million barrels per day.

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