Budget Deficit to Reach 87 Trillion Dinars

Budget Deficit to Reach 87 Trillion Dinars

Iraqi BudgetIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was seen that the budget deficit of the year would reach 87 trillion dinars which would be quite high. The government has already planned for the deficit and has put aside 55 trillion dollars for it to facilitate the public by trying not to increase the prices of the daily usage things.

The government has discussed all those accounts that been going low in the exports and have planned to increase their rate of export so that the deficit would be less than the present. This would help in achieving a better management for the country.

Iraq has not planned too many things for the deficit this year. The only plans that have come forward are that it does not want to borrow from the external market. It would borrow internally or issue treasury bonds for a better system of management.

The Prime Minister announced that the country is facing a lot trouble in the monetary sense. It is facing a lot of financial crisis due to which the economy of the country is facing a lot of trouble. The budget deficit is at present more than 35 billion dollars which is quite high for a country like Iraq which is in a state of war.

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