Budget deficit Iraq because of the large demands of the Kurds

Budget deficit Iraq because of the large demands of the Kurds


Predicted member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri that “Iraq next budget deficit due to the large demands of the Kurdish bloc. He described Jubouri told all of Iraq [where] today that “the timing put Iraq’s budget current 2014 timing wrong amid preparations for the big political blocs for the upcoming parliamentary elections expected that the next budget will not be approved during the life of the current legislative session of the current parliamentary because of demands large mass of Kurdistan, which will hit Iraq’s budget deficit in the case of response. “

He added that “the Kurdish demands do not stop at the border planned legal and exceed their demands even more than this, accusing all political blocs bidding for the doors of the budget and pay for it by the Iraqi citizen.”

He noted that “the central government should find a quick and effective channels with the provinces to streamline its business and not to delay disbursement of its funds so that the citizen of a realistic touch to change services on the ground.”

The process of approving the budget bill faces every year difficulties passing in the House of Representatives, and the budget of 2013 has been delayed approval of more than two months have passed by the House of Representatives on March 7 last year, central province of Representatives Kurds, after weeks of delay because of disagreements several come her dues of foreign companies operating in the region

As that of the difficulties faced by approving the budget dispute continued between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the region’s share which demands that no less than 17% out of the budget and the payment of oil companies operating in Kurdistan and the salaries of the Peshmerga forces which rejects Baghdad accuses Erbil not delivered oilproduced and exported without its consent as well as Taakedtha with companies prepared by the federal government in violation of the Constitution, which denies the province.

It is likely Observers difficulty agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to pass the financial budget for the current year, especially after the recent agreement between the KRG and Turkey on energy, which includes licenses for oil and natural gas, and the establishment of a pipeline to transfer from Kurdistan to Turkey, which may raise the wrath of the federal government as a step to reduce the control over natural wealth.

The newspaper [Washington Post] America had promised in her article last Saturday that “the Kurdistan region is looking forward to realizing the dream of independence, the long-awaited help of Turkey, amid fears of Baghdad, the U.S. administration of a national conflict in Iraq because of the ambitions of Arbil.” Over 20.


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