Budget Approval Rebuilding World’s Confidence in Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi budget approval has been great news, it was too important in the development of economy of Iraq. It demonstrates a clear vision for a better future of Iraqi people and for the improvement of the Iraqi market. The Iraqi budget 2015 was approved in a record time when we compare with the previous year’s budgets. The Prime Minister’s advisor Dr. Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that approving the budget will improve the Iraqi local economy, which will rebuild the confidence of the local and international business men. It will also improve the foreign investment level in Iraq.

He said in an interview that approving the budget would reflect the efficient distribution of money and to stop the money wastage for the benefits of Iraq. He stressed that this budget would decrease the financial problems experienced after the downfall in the crude oil prices worldwide. He also pointed out that our economic cycle is based on the allocated annual salaries expenses of the staff, these are the heavy budget expenditures, and the current budget is well balanced according to the needs.

He also pointed out that the budget is completing both tasks of staff salaries and for the pensioners. We are in a state of war and our security forces are fighting against the terrorist groups and Daash. For this reason, we are spending too much money to eliminate these elements. Almost 25 percent of the budget has been allocated for the security of Iraqi people and Iraqi assets. According to an economic expert, David Abdul Zayer, the budget 2015 has been approved in a record time. He pointed out the importance of the alternate search to cover the investment lack. The private sector has various types of solutions like skilled labor endangered by unemployment because lack of allocations for new projects and starting new projects in Iraq.

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