Budget Announcement to Set Iraq’s Financial Direction: Rafidain Bank CEO

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was announced by the ministry of Finance that they would improve the different issues related to those people who visit Iraq or come to Iraq to live or work need Aqahmas. Getting Aqahma easily is a good thing because it would attract people to come to Iraq looking for jobs.

The CBI would be supporting this act of the ministry for a better and easier way for the immigrants. The cases need to be seen through the electronic system of management for a better and easier way to compete with the rest of the world.

The Director of the Rafidain Bank said that with the budget announcement would help the country on a large scale. It was seen that the financial support of the country had reached 142 billion dinars which had come from the assets of the bank. It would be helpful if the debt issues are dealt out in a better way.

Due to negligence on part of the experts the country had to loose a big amount of money how ever things are hopefully going to be under control very soon. With the money transferred to the accounts that were at loss things would work out in a much better way for Iraq.

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