Budget 2014

Budget 2014


Yasser incumbent preoccupied with government these days to discuss the terms of the federal budget federal public in 2014 and it seems that they took with visions of economists on the controversy that accompanied prepared in regards to the operating budget and the investment budget and T_khasasathma, controversy continued annually since preparation and even acknowledging onwards.

New challenge facing budget this time the rates of implementation and the implementing agencies and here straighten important stand has the government to get rid of double proportions implementation of the projects, as understood by referring to the prime minister in one of his remarks to the need to limit execution approaching specialized and the exclusion of the ministries of the direct implementation of projects that are causing the delay ofimplementation and the loss of opportunities and this What has consistently economists to call him and warn of expanding circles execution all at whim.

if government was able to overcome this challenge to accept ministries waive this requirement Ferry experts said implementation will accelerate and perform with high efficiency through the implementation of projects by the executive bodies corporate Amarih and construction of public and private sectors The international effort through major companies.

experts see in the economy that this type of implementation achieves several advantages in the forefront not a waste of time and determine the ratios of corruption and good implementation and define the role of regulatory bodies and then to achieve the desired goals, which is that seen Z projects carried out on the ground, and even investment budget ???? click on them and implement relaxed and easy.

This type of specialization will face difficulties when discussing the budget ?????? result will lead to convictions of common importance in reforming aspects of the implementation of projects, and in such a case, the task of each ministry is to determine the needs of the projects and estimating allocations and remains implementation within the purview of those specialized .

and in order to reach proportions produce high in the projects and their quality, we have to understand and recognize the importance of the establishment of the Economic proposed in the draft law of economic reform, which was returned to the government to make some adjustments required by parliament but the project resolved the major challenges faced by the Iraqi economy.

It is useful to note that Council’s task of economic feasibility study and project selection, planning, and according to the priorities and importance.

If the completion of the discussion of the budget year 2014 and approved after the entry into force of this approach to investment allocations and inventory execution approaching specialist, we will have passed the big stage in the implementation of strategic projects and infrastructure.


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