Budget 2014 Might Be Integrated With The Next Year Budget

Iraq NewsEconomists believe that it is shocking news for economy of Iraq that the budget 2014 is going to integrate with the next budget. The law and order situation in the country and the tension between Erbil and Baghdad is the major cause for the delay of budget. The Kurdistan has clearly defined that it will not participate in the annual budget debate and in the parliamentary session due to this conflict. Kurdistan wants that the Iraq first define the oil policy and rules for oil and gas then Kurdistan will analyze those rules on the different grounds to give its final opinion.

Iraq is already passing through a difficult economic situation and in this situation this irregularity is unbearable. The issue between Erbil and Baghdad need to be resolved unless it is too late. The integration of present budget with the next one is never favorable the country and its economy. The United States of America offered its services as arbitrator between both of the regions to solve the oil and gas issue between them but still no any productive step was taken to combat it. Keep in the mind that any official statement is not given by any of the government official but the news is revealed by an authentic source.

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