Barzani agreed to Postpone Kurdish Referendum according to a Formula

On Thursday, our authentic sources have confirmed that Massoud Barzani (head of Kurdistan Region) has agreed on a formula to postpone the announced referendum in Kurdistan region. The sources further indicated that Barzani is currently in discussion with an international delegation in a special meeting. He has shown his willingness initially in exchange for some specific conditions and future guarantees. He will also start consultations on Thursday with the UN Security Council. Yesterday, an international delegation arrived in Erbil to discuss the matters and postponement of referendum, in association with the vote of Iraqi Council of Representatives on the illegality. Point to be noted that a parliamentary source in the Kurdistan region said on Wednesday about the efforts of the Kurdistan Union and the Democratic Party to reenergize the Kurdistan Parliament after the turmoil of at least 2 years.

Barzani agreed to Postpone Kurdish Referendum according to a FormulaThe source added in a press interview that the individual meetings of the Americans and Iranian officials with the officials of the Kurdistan regional government have finalized 2 proposals regarding the referendum. The 1st proposal indicates that the referendum process will take place just within the Kurdistan Region in order to prevent any war between both sides in the disputed areas. The 2nd proposal is regarding the reactivation of Kurdistan Parliament and vote to postpone the referendum process for the next 2 years, and to confirm the Kurdistan territory within the specified time period. On Wednesday, the Kurdish media also reported about the beginning of the three-party meeting, including the National Union, Islamic Union of Kurdistan, and the Democratic Party in order to discuss the reenergizing the Kurdistan Parliament. On Tuesday, the PUK arranged a meeting with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Kurdistan Islamic Group, and the Movement for Change in order to end the critical issues in the region and to discuss the reactivation of Kurdistan Parliament.

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