Banking Companies to Cooperate with CBI for Iraqi Dinar Stability: Experts

A famous economic expert Maha Ehsan praised the banking companies and financial institutions showing mortality regarding the public and not taking advantage and getting profit from the crisis in the situation which the country is facing after selling the hard currency. She issued a statement that a number of banking companies and financial institutions were taking advantages from the situation and taking hold the chances in making profits from the citizens dealing in buying the U.S dollars and transferring these currencies abroad.

She further explained that the Iraqi Central Bank sold the U.S dollar at the official rates, then the Iraqi Central Bank adopted a number of steps to limit the benefits for traders to take advantages from these crisis. She said that the Iraqi Central Bank is responsible for stabilizing and maintaining the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against other foreign currencies. The Iraqi governmental and private banks should follow the CBI instructions and should not violate the Iraqi Central Bank’s instructions.

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