Baghdad to Host International Conference to Support Displaced People

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Deputy Secretary General of the Minister’s Council stressed that the Iraqi government has finalized the necessary steps to conduct an international conference in order to support displaced people and execute the projects for restructuring the destroyed areas in liberated cities. He also added that Iraqi Prime Minister’s Fund should be used for reconstruction process in most affected liberated areas and we should maintain the international standards in restructuring the liberated cities. The Deputy Security General of the Minister’s Council said that the Chairman of the Council of the Ministers should monitor this process with collaboration the Iraqi government. He said that the Iraqi government has taken all the necessary steps to conduct an international conference with the collaboration of the Arab League, Organization of the Islamic Conference OIC, donor countries, European Union and the United Nations. This conference is suggested to be held in Baghdad in order for the restructuring process of affected liberated cities.

The Chairman of the Emaar Fund Abdul Basit Turkey said that there are a large number of areas affected after the attack of Daash and we should maintain latest international standards for reconstruction process in order to rebuild new and modern cities, and it is our main objective for conducting this international conference. A large number of representatives from related ministries and governors of the affected areas attended the first meeting of Emaar Fund. He also discussed about the development policies of the Fund. Many recommendations suggested including collaboration of provinces and agencies to measure and maintain data of damages.

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