Baghdad should Respect the will of Kurdish People: Mustafa

The head of Kurdistan Regional Department of Foreign Relations Falah Mustafa has expressed disagreement of Kurdish people in partnership with the Iraqi government. He added in his press statement that Kurdistan want a real partnership with Iraq, but Iraqi federal government is continuously rejecting to do so for the past 14 years since the liberation of Iraq from the regime of Saddam Hussein. We have made a conclusion that Baghdad and Erbil can’t become real partners. An official statement issued from Kurdistan that the Kurdish participation in the structures of power in Iraq is not as it should be, the Shiite federal government in Iraq pushed back Kurdistan to the back rows. He further indicated that the Kurdistan region experienced critical financial issues during the past 3 years due to the policies of Baghdad. So, we needed to find out an alternative and we have found that conducting a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan region is a perfect alternative.

Baghdad should Respect the will of Kurdish People: MustafaMustafa further indicated that Erbil has started negotiations with Baghdad administration to stop these irrelevant and non-productive relations. He added that Erbil is interested in practicing the policy of Good Neighborliness with Iraqi federal government after independence of Kurdistan. He stressed that the regional condition presented the idea of a referendum on independence. It will be a perfect and efficient to sole entire problems and issues in the Kurdistan region. He mentioned that Kurdish people suffered a lot in the past and we needed to find a much better solution in order to pull out Kurdish region from crisis, so we have find a perfect and workable solution with peaceful independence. He called the Iraqi federal government and Baghdad administration to respect the desire of Kurdish people and arrange serious negotiations to find out workable and peaceful solution of this major issue.

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