At least 2 Million Housing Units urgently required in Iraq

The Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Minister Mehdi issued a statement that at least 2 million housing units are urgently required in Iraq.

He added in his press statement that Iraqi government is working hard in the reforming process and efficient in reconstruction of houses. But, the current production doesn’t meet the increasing demand of housing from Iraqi citizens in the country. He pointed out that the latest figures are indicating that Iraq should build at least 2 million housing units in order to overcome the housing crisis. He added that it was due to a significant amount of increase in the domestic part of society. The statement further indicated that a meeting took place to analyze the coordination & actions of tasks between the legislative & executive branches in the existence of relevant authorities in finding the solutions & treatments. They also discussed about 3 proposals submitted by the Iraqi parliamentary committee, the Supreme Council for Housing.


Point to be noted that the proposal includes the preparation of integrated projects in order to overcome the population gap issue. The major joint concept is to facilitate and implementation the initiative procedures of housing with priority. According to a unified national policy, it will also serve an important portion in the community with low-income and for those who are below the line of poverty. The statement also indicated that there is an essential need in the selection and customizing the appropriate land to build housing units for Iraqi citizens. There is a need of enactment the laws to make it easier in providing the housing units. The statement stressed for activation of laws that prevent indiscriminate building and implement an efficient framework in building reconstruction in the country. In the meeting, 3 teams formed in dealing with the legislation finalizing process.

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