Assets of Iraqi Dinar Currency Dealers to Seize

The Federal Authorities are looking to seize all transferable and non-transferable properties from the Georgia based corporation that is dealing in Iraqi dinar currency. The prosecutors said in federal complaint that Atlanta based Sterling Currency Group LLC is one of the largest group selling the Iraqi dinar currency in the United States. The prosecutors said that the business of Georgia based group is based on what they mentioned is a scam used to defraud investors for giving guarantee of revaluation process of Iraqi dinar currency. This idea of Iraqi Dinar Revaluation showed a sharp rise in the sale of Iraqi dinar.

According to the complaint, the Iraqi Dinar currency revaluation news have promoted on the Internet using blogs and many other resources where they introduced themselves as foreign currency experts or called as Dinar Gurus. Two lawyers who were representing Sterling currency didn’t responded via Email or telephone for that message which dropped by the Associated Press. On Thursday, on one responded from the company’ contact numbers, but the Associated Press dropped messages. In this case, no one arrested from the Sterling associated companies. These companies have two properties at seaside of Alys Beach in Walton County Florida, a mansion in Atlanta and two Mercedes-Benz cars. Two Cessna Citation and two other planes will be seized.

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