Arab countries ranking according to the budget 2015

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– According to a report which mentioned the largest budget in Arab countries in the terms of public expenditures, the Saudi Arabia ranked at first with the amount the huge amount of 229.3 billion dollars which is almost 860 billion riyals, but the budget of Saudi Arabia was 855 billion riyals in 2014. It is also predicted that revenues of Saudi Arabia will be 715 billion riyals or 190.3 billion dollars in 2015. The supposed price for oil per barrel has not announced, but most of the analysts predicted that is would be in the range of 50 to 63 dollars per barrel.

Iraq is at the second with 102 billion dollars or 0.123 trillion Iraqi dinars and more than 13.4 billion dollars with a deficit of about 19% and the price for oil has set sixty dollars per barrel. Algeria is at the third position with 100.28 billion dollars and the expected revenue value will be 53 billion dollars, with the increasing expenses value of 15.7%. Morocco is at the fourth rank with the budget of 347 billion dirham or 38.5 billion dollars. Oman is at fifth position with 36.62 billion dollars with an increase in deficit of 4.5%. Tunisia is at sixth rank with 15.69 billion dollars or 29 billion dinars, with an increase of 5% deficit.

United Arab Emirates is at number seven with 13.4 billion dollars or 49.1 billion dirham with an increase of 6.7% as compared to the last year’s budget. The Prime Minister of UAE declared the our budget is well balanced in the terms of revenue and expenditure. Jordan is at eight with the amount of 11.42 billion dollars, it is expected that their revenues would reach near about 8.85 billion dollars with a record growth of 9% as compared to the last year. Sudan is at ninth with the budget of 10.13 billion dollars. Syria is at number ten with a budget of 9.10 billion dollars or 1.55 trillion Syrian pounds, with an increase of 12% as compared to the last year budget.

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