The Approval is Ready For Iraq Budget 2015

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – On Wednesday, the Economic Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that Central Bank of Iraq should contribute in the Iraqi financial budget 2015. He stressed that this contribution would improve and develop the market, it would also reflect a positive impact on the iraqi citizens. Muhammed Saleh issued this statement in an interview that this action in the budget by the central bank of Iraq for fiscal year 2015 of six trillion Iraqi dinars would reflect a positive impact on the country to overcome the financial crisis problem faced by the country. He also added that this decision by the central bank of Iraq would enhance and develop the iraqi market and its positive result will be more beneficial for the people of Iraq.

On Tuesday 27th January 2015, the Central Bank of Iraq decided to support with six trillion Iraqi dinars for the Iraqi financial budget 2015. The bank also stressed on its agreement with a set of proposals to meet the challenge for this financial crisis. He also pointed out that this action by the CBI would not affect the CBI reserves. On Monday 26th Januarty 2015, the president of the House of Representatives Saleem al Jubouri said that the parliamentary will be held on Tuesday and voting on the financial budget 2015 will take place on Thursday.

On 10th January 2015, he also met with the iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi in the founding day anniversary celebration of the Dawa Party. He also promised to the Speaker of the house Salim al Jubouri in and gave the orientation on the government reduction in the budget 2015. He also confirmed that we have almost done the budget discussion.

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