All Daesh Militants will be Killed, Trapped inside Mosul City: Macgork

The U.S representative to the International Alliance, Brett Macgork said that the Daesh militants have seized in the Mosul city and they will be killed where they are. He informed reporters in Baghdad that the 9th division of the Iraqi armed forces cut off the last road out of Mosul, so the entire exit points of Mosul are under the control of Iraqi army. He added that Daesh militants and other terrorists inside Mosul city will die due to they are completely trapped. He confirmed that “we are much dedicated not only to defeat them, but we will not allow them to escape”. Point to be noted that Mosul operation was started in the month of October 2016 and initially liberated the left coast in the east of Mosul city in the month of January 2017. The 2nd massive attempt was launched on 19th February 2017 in order to cut off the right side of Mosul city.

All Daesh Militants will be Killed, Trapped inside Mosul City: MacgorkMacgork has confirmed that Iraqi forces have taken the control of at least 50 percent until yesterday. He added that the popular crowd forces have entirely isolated the right side of Mosul city. On Tuesday, the commander of the rapid reaction forces, Major General Thamer Ismail has announced the liberation of a group of buildings, 2 hotels and 2 mosques at the right side of Mosul. He also confirmed the death of at least 52 Daesh militants. He further explained in a press statement that Iraqi armed forces are now moving toward the main market of Mosul and the old bridge. He added that Iraqi forces have liberated Baghdad mosque, Ashur Hotel and a group of buildings, and continuous progress toward the Old Bridge. He said that Iraqi forces have killed 52 Daesh elements by destroying 4 buildings and collected 45 explosive devices. He confirmed that Iraqi forces booby-trapped Daesh elements into 5 buildings and destroyed them remotely.

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