Al-Assad should Step down & Resign Immediately: Iraqi Shiite Cleric Al-Sadr

The powerful Iraqi cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr called on the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to step down. He also called on Washington and Moscow to avoid interfering into Syrian internal conflict. The Najaf-based Shiite cleric also convicted the assassination in a supposed chemical attack of more than 87 people including 31 children. This deadly attack took place last week in a militant occupied Syrian town. He also blamed Damascus and said in a statement that “I deeply advise to the Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad to leave power and resign immediately. It would prevent our dearest Syrian people for the punishment of war and terrorist cruelty”. Recently, the United States opened fire of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Friday at Shayrat airbase in Syria to push Damascus, in spite of its refusals of responsibility. Point to be noted that Al-Sadr led a militia force that battled against the U.S possession in Iraq. Now, he convicted the missile strike in Syria by the United States.

Al-Assad should Step down & Resign Immediately: Iraqi Shiite Cleric Al-SadrAl-Sadr urged all foreign parties to interfere in the conflict of Syria to pull their entire forces from Syria. He added that “I call on all parties to pull back their military forces and assets from Syria and Syrian people should take things into their own control”. He stressed that Syrian people have the right to decide their destiny, but the supposed alternative will push Syria in wreckage. A number of Iraqi Shiite militias including some directly Iranian supported are undeniably supporting the camp of Assad in the conflict of Syria by sending their forces and units across the border. Al-Sadr has been considered a nationalist and his forces are mainly focused in providing protection for the holy sites. It is important that his move against financial corruption has pulled support apart from his conventional base. Point to be noted that the government of Iraq also convicted the supposed chemical attack by the United States.

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