Al-Abadi will Discuss Trump to get $ 10 billion for Liberated Areas in Iraq

On Tuesday, MP in the Iraqi Parliament Jassem Al-Bayati said that visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to Washington has its own importance. The Iraqi Prime Minister carried various important files including the major task of confirming the American support in order to put a significant amount of pressure on European countries to collect 10 billion U.S dollars for the reconstruction in the Iraqi liberated areas. He said in a statement that we are hopeful that visit of Al-Abadi to America would be positive, especially after the important meeting with the U.S President Donald Trump. He added that we have concerns regarding expected visits from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel to the U.S President Trump and confusion in their ideas about Iraq. He added that Iraqi Prime Minister is carrying some sensitive, important & powerful files in his official tour to Washington. He stressed that Iraq has been considered one of the important allies in the fight against terrorism. Our forces are fighting bravely against Daesh organization and other terrorist groups in the country.

Al-Abadi will Discuss Trump to get $ 10 billion for Liberated Areas in IraqBayati further said that our security situation in the country is more stable & satisfactory and current major achievement of Iraqi security forces against Daesh and other militant groups to eliminate from their strong hold areas of Mosul. It has shown a clear picture of our positive improvement and it should be acknowledge by Arab and European countries. He further added that there are at least 3 million displaced people and at least 2 million in the entirely destroyed liberated areas. He pointed out that the International Monetary Fund had promised to provide 10 billion U.S dollars for reconstruction in the destructed liberated areas, but we haven’t yet collected even 1 billion U.S dollars. Bayati also said that Al-Abadi will ask Trump to put pressure on European countries to fulfill their promise in providing 10 billion U.S dollars for the reconstruction process in Iraq.

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