Al-Abadi Refused Dialogue with KRG and U.S Disappointment on Kurdish Referendum

On Tuesday, the Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said that his country rejects any kind of talks with the officials of Kurdistan regional government about the outcome of referendum for independence. He further added that the Iraqi Federal Court had ordered not to conduct referendum in Kurdistan region because it will be against the Iraqi constitution. He pointed out that Iraqi federal government will not discuss with Kurdistan regarding the results of referendum or any kind of deal with it. He added that Iraqi federal government will not accept the Kurdish referendum results. He said that Iraqi government will take essential measures in bringing those who are linked to this chaos and their harsh responsibility, but not against the citizens of Kurdistan. Al-Abadi further explained that we will not address to the implementation of status by force and we will depend on the constitution of Iraq. He also pointed out that Iraqi federal court is the only authority to resolve the dispute.

Al-Abadi Refused Dialogue with KRG and U.S Disappointment on Kurdish ReferendumThe United States also expressed its serious disappointment about the referendum on independence conducted by the Kurdistan regional government in Kurdish region in confrontation with the entire international community. The U.S stressed that referendum in the Kurdish region would increase more problems and security issues in the region. The U.S State Department issued a statement that the U.S government is seriously disappointed by the decision of KRG to conduct autonomous referendum on independence in Kurdish region and in the areas outside the Kurdistan region. The statement further indicated that the historic relationship between Kurdistan and the United States will not change, but we believe that current step might increase issues and instability in the Kurdistan region and its citizens. The current referendum will create more critical security situation and complicated relations between Iraqi government and Kurdish government. We hope that both sides will engage in positive dialogue to improve and control situation in the region.

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