Al-Abadi Received 3 Major Files of Corruption including Politicians and Officials

A deputy of the Iraqi National Alliance, Jassim Muhammad Jaafar said that the U.S based International Transparency Organization has forwarded 3 major files of corruption to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. He added that these files will overthrow some senior government officials and political heads. Jaafar said in a press interview that the Iraqi Prime Minister follows the subject of corruption with the cooperation of the American Transparency International. It was initiated 2 years ago to follow up the Iraqi funds frozen in a number of European and international banks, even before or after 2003. He added that the institution finalized its report after 2 years of hard work and pointed out Iraqi people involved in corruption, including officials from current and previous Iraqi governments. The institution has forwarded a handsome amount of list involved in corruption, including Iraqi politicians, senior managers and individuals. The investigation has indicated that most of the corrupt elements are working in the sale of oil and currencies.

Al-Abadi Received 3 Major Files of Corruption including Politicians and OfficialsThe statement added that the assets of those corrupt elements were multiplied over the past 10 years. These 3 files of corruption have been received by Al-Abadi and he will forward these files to 3 judges in their offices for a complete study. The judge will find out that how a corrupt element managed in getting their money and reasons behind the increase of their assets then judge will charge the person who owns these alleged funds. The judiciary will have the power to take a final decision after finding these funds Natural or stolen money from the state. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said last month about a designed war of his government against corruption and corrupt elements. He also called on the Iraqi citizens and activists to cooperate Iraqi government in detecting the corrupt elements. Al-Abadi also confirmed that Iraqi government will deal those corrupt elements and robbers with iron hands. He added that we will offer 2 options either to hand over stolen money or be imprisoned and lose their entire looted money.

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