Al-Abadi is Ready to Launch a Major Political Crack-Down in the Green Zone

On Tuesday, a political source has informed that a political crack-down will be launched by the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Al-Abadi in the Green Zone during coming days. The source indicated that senior government officials might be summoned to investigate corruption cases. He added that Al-Abadi has finalized an aggressive plan to fight against corrupt elements in the country. A senior politician said that the judicial trials will be started by the special Judicial Committee and it will be linked directly to the Iraqi Prime Minister followed by the international investigators. The Judicial Committee will issue more than 800 summons to Iraqi governmental, military and security officials, including a number of former and current deputies to investigate their alleged files of corruption. The decisions of Al-Abadi regarding these files will be considered a disaster inside the Green Zone and Iraqi political blocs at the same time.

Al-Abadi is Ready to Launch a Major Political Crack-Down in the Green ZoneIt is important that the Integrity Committee of the Iraqi House of Representatives also issued a statement on Tuesday that during coming days, Iraqi will come-out from the list of 10 most corrupt countries in the world. The Committee also announced the start of perfect & effective action to capture corrupt elements and eliminate corruption. A member of the committee Abdul Karim Abtan said in a press interview that the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Al-Abadi and its team are ready to fight against corruption and they have started the perfect move to terminate the terror of corruption and blunderers. He added that global reputation of Iraq in the fight against corruption has got improvement. He said that Transparency International, other organizations and Iraqi people well participate in bringing improvement for a better result. Abtan added that coming days will experience some major and unbelievable files of corruption. He confirmed that there would be a transparent process of judicial investigation to put corrupt elements behind the bars.

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