Al-Abadi has Finalized 1st File of Corruption $ 6 Billion & Involved 50 Officials

On Tuesday, the newspaper The New Arab reported that issuance of a number of files regarding the war against corruption scheduled in the start of next year by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. The newspaper pointed out that these files have been exceeded the theft of more than 6 billion U.S dollars. Initially, there is a list of 50 officials, including Iraqi Ministers, Deputy Ministers, former and current Iraqi Politicians, General Directors and members of Iraqi Parliament. The paper said in its reports that most of them were included due to massive corruption files. These files include a gas import deal worth 1.5 billion U.S dollars. Iraqi Minister was allegedly involved in buying gas stations unable to work in Iraq, but bought for a large commission.

Al-Abadi has Finalized 1st File of Corruption $ 6 Billion & Involved 50 Officials  The New Arab pointed out that there is also a file of 900 million U.S dollars regarding the transfer of agricultural land for residential purpose to a number of investors in Baghdad and southern Iraq. The land was ultimately and directly sold as plots of land to Iraqi citizens in return for a large amount of money to investors. The paper also indicated that there is another file of corruption worth 430 million U.S dollars regarding printing textbooks and the establishment of schools. The report said that the total stolen amount from the state treasury is more than 6 billion U.S dollars in the first list of corruption. The report also indicated that at least half of the current offenders are living outside the country. But, the government of Al-Abadi is hopeful to utilize its good relations with other countries in order to recover its stolen money.

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