Al-Abadi Formed a New Alliance including Al-Hakim and Al-Sadr

On Saturday, Saudi Arabian Al-Arabiya television reported that a new political coalition is being formed in Iraqi. The report indicated that new alliance will be headed by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, including Iyad Allawi, Ammar Al-Hakim, and Muqtada Al-Sadr. The report said that Al-Abadi is looking to surprise Nuri Al-Maliki by forming new coalition because Al-Abadi has added major political blocs, including Al-Hakim and Al-Sadr and others. He also added Sunni political parties and groups of the western liberated areas from the control of Daesh terrorist organization. Al-Arabiya said that Al-Abadi has a significant amount of support of religious, regional and international consensus. Al-Abadi has finished the debate on the election postponement. It clearly confirms the on time process and the green signal given by the Electoral Commission for 205 political parties to join the election process in the country.

Al-Abadi Formed a New Alliance including Al-Hakim and Al-SadrOn 12th December 2017, the Vice President Osama Najafi said that the new alliances of Kurds with Shiites have failed and changed into political clashes abused by the Sunnis. On 25th December 2017, the leader of the civil assembly for reform, Hossam Al-Azzawi stressed that the Iraqi political parties and blocs under the new agreement on future coalition will be according to the concept of National Civil Serious. Al-Azzawi also said that the political thinking approach in Iraqi has altered from the previous Young Awareness. On 26th December 2017, the deputy of the Nineveh province, Abdul Rehman Al-Loizi confirmed that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has created a handsome list and it would allow a great opportunity in getting the votes of Iraqi people in the elections from liberated areas from Daesh organization. The Iraqi political blocs started debates among them in getting closer to those need to join them in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections. The MP for a coalition of state law, Kamel Al-Zaidi said the new established political coalition will witness efficient and affective changes and it would change the scenario in the upcoming elections.

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