Adoption of New Tax Systems For The Recovery Of Iraqi Economy

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – According to a specialist in the institutions of state management crisis, Jabbar Frejee issued a statement that a new technique and method has been adopted as another course of action for investment. This procedure has been adopted at the same time when considering to speed up the activation of the tax system in the country to support and boost up the Iraqi economy.

Jabbar Frejee stressed in a statement that the economic condition is not much satisfactory in Iraq, so the Iraqi government should take some major and serious steps focusing on raising the production level and encourage the public and private companies and sectors. Most of the companies are loosing their proper standards and level of production. He pointed out that Iraq should focus to improve the level of production. He also pointed out that companies should follow the new tax system which starts from providing public services for Iraqi citizens and cities. He also said that in the beginning this new Tax system has applied for Real Estate, Communication, Electricity, Wheels, system management for Iraqi territories and provinces, and for construction projects and imports. We should work harder to increase the production ceiling (export), especially from its South oil fields.

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