Adel Abdul-Mahdi chaired important meeting of Cabinet and Supreme Commission

Adel Abdul-Mahdi chaired important meeting of Cabinet and Supreme Commission

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi headed a meeting of the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the provinces. The Information Office of the Prime Minister said that the Supreme Coordination Committee between the provinces held its 2nd meeting. The 3rd session in Baghdad will take place under the chairmanship of Abdul Mahdi and the presence of governors, and members of the provincial councils. The ministers of finance and reconstruction and housing, and a number of general managers and advisers also attended the meeting.

Adel Abdul-Mahdi chaired important meeting

The information office pointed out that the meeting will discuss the distribution of electric power and services roads and bridges and appointments of directorates of education. The meeting will also discuss a number of key issues, the most important of which are the distribution of electricity, road and bridge services, appointments of directorates of education and border crossings, in addition to supporting efforts to stabilize and develop service projects in the governorates.

Another meeting of Cabinet took place. The meeting decided to install contracts of the Ministry of Electricity and the introduction of new degrees of employment. The Council of Ministers decided to install the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity and the development of functional grades for the purpose of installing public companies and directorates funded. The Council was chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

He agreed to amend the decision during the meeting on how to deal with the issue of employees hired on contracts or daily wages in ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry. The Council also approved the authorization of the Minister of Construction, and the Minister of Planning to determine the amounts of investments, price differentials and costs resulting from the increase in costs. The meeting also approved to increase the allocations of agricultural engineers and health professionals.

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