Proposals to address the economic challenges

Proposals to address the economic challenges


BAGHDAD – morning adviser said the Iraqi Institute forEconomic Reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini: The Iraq today suffers from challenges burdened economy, the problems of countless proposed a number of solutions reformist to contend with.

said in a statement to the (morning) that failure to meet these challenges – according to a recent study prepared by the World Bank recently – has led to the deterioration and failure of the reality of the investment climate in Iraq, said that the study I mentioned the most important obstacles in front of increasing the productivity of companies operating in various economic sectors, was the lack of electricity supply, and instability, as well as financial and administrative corruption, as well as the problems of access to land, tax administration , inadequate educated workforce, the laws regulating the work of others.

called Husseini to reform government institutions to create an atmosphere of equality andequal opportunities for the private sector so as to enhance economic diversification and growth.

suggested Husseini solutions to address these imbalances was the implementation of a roadmap governmental organizations concerned with the reform of the institutions of the public sector through a comprehensive restructuring of these institutions in addition to the introduction of Division in the Ministry of Finance is concerned to matters set up a partnership between the public and private sectors.

stressed the need to enact a law to regulate the practices of the partnership, and the development of an integrated package of commercial laws and modern regulations that take into account sectoral considerations, calling for a full review of the assets government, including the ability for growth and potential for the development, pointing to the importance to develop procedures on surplus labor force, including mechanisms absorbed in the private sector, stressing that ensure the application that would allow practically in front of the work of the private sector and will work to improve the quality of the climate of public and private investment in Iraq .

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