Abu Bakar Baghdadi in London?

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Tuesday, a number of eyewitnesses and the residents of the British capital London informed that the leader of terrorist organization Daash Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi was travelling on the city street of London in a luxury car along with a number of bodyguards. The Daash organization has formed its own independent state after occupying a larger amount of area in Iraq. It is important that Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi has become the caliph in the occupied area by Daash within Iraqi territory. Point to be noted that former British Prime Minister also issued a press statement and declared that attack on Iraq was a big mistake that caused the formation of Daash and increased violence in the region.

An eyewitness said that he was walking on the city street in London and he saw Al Baghdadi came out from a building in the British capital and got in an expensive and luxury car along with a number of bodyguards wearing black dress and black glasses as his personal security. It is also important that most of the people are talking about a hidden British American support for militants and terrorists of Daash organization. A number of experts also said that these countries are behind the creation of Daash organization and other terrorist groups in Iraq and the region. It is important that a couple of days ago an American plane also landed in the Daash controlled area and supposedly a number of Daash members were carried by this plane.

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