Abadi has confirmed Double support from Trump for Iraq

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said that the new U.S administration and the U.S President Donald Trump have confirmed their full support for Iraq in various areas. Al-Abadi delivered his words in a weekly press briefing and said that Iraqi government has received letters from the Trump administration. The United States has confirmed its double support for Iraq in various fields in the country. The new elected U.S President Donald Trump has shown his massive support for Iraq, especially to terminate the Daash organization from Iraq. It is important that the United States has been providing handsome support for Iraq since 2008. The U.S is providing entire security support and economic aid in order to equip Iraqi security forces in the fight against terrorism and to financially stabilize the country. Al-Abadi also confirmed that Iraq is getting entire support according to the agreement between the former U.S President Barak Obama and Iraqi former Prime Minister Nuri-Al-Maliki.


The Rasheed Bank also announced on Tuesday that an agreement took place between the Bank and Ernst & Young Company regarding the entire requirements in the implementation of global banking system. The bank also pointed out that the system will rely on the media technology in providing services to the customers with less security threats, cost and time. The Bank said in a statement that the general manager of the Rasheed Bank and the Chairman of the Board Rashid Khudair arranged a joint meeting with the “Ernst & Young” Company. A number of department managers in the public administration also participated in this meeting. Both sides were agreed on the amendments for entire global banking system, it was developed by the officials of the departments for a private contract with the company. The statement also indicated that the selection of the Company was made due to a handsome experience of the Company in the deployment of global banking system.

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