A Police officer Arrested for Smuggling IS Families & 2 Suicide Attackers Killed: Interior Ministry

On Thursday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior issued a statement that a police officer has been arrested due to charges of smuggling the families of Islamic State elements from Nineveh Province to Salahuddin Province. The statement further indicated that this arrest took place after receiving the intelligence information and Iraqi security forces trapped the alleged police officer on a road lining between Tikrit and Baiji cities at the time when he was smuggling families of Islamic State (ISIS) elements. The captured police officer handed over to investigation agencies in order to collect more information and to investigate regarding his working for the Islamic State terrorist group. Some news outlets were continuously reporting since the offensive operation launched last year by the Iraqi security forces. The news had indicated that local officials and parliamentarians were talking about corrupt security elements setting terrorists free after collecting money for their release. The Mosul authorities had announced plans to detach those IS families and shift them to rehabilitation camps.


On Thursday, a spokesperson of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Saad Maan also announced that Iraqi Security forces in Tikrit, Salahuddin province have killed 2 suicide attackers belonged to Islamic State terrorist group. The Baiji police forces have killed both attackers at Silo Al-Haggag area after trapping them inside an empty house. Point to be noted that Islamic State militants are continuously attacking Iraqi security forces, allied troops, and Iraqi civilians over the past several months in various provinces in Iraq. The Easter area of the Shriqat town had been considered one of the stronghold areas in Salahuddin province of Islamic State group. It was the place used to launch several attacks on Iraqi forces and civilians. The government of Iraq had made plans to eliminate Islamic State from their most stronghold areas in Iraq. It is important that at least 700 Iraqi civilians have been killed during June due to heavy violence and armed clashes.

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