A New Slogan Introduced by the Central Bank of Iraq

The Iraqi Central Bank has presented a new slogan mirror of its history based on solid implications of monetary policy. The information office of the Iraqi Central Bank, the director of the Acer Jabbar indicated in a press statement that the Central Bank of Iraq has created a new up to date slogan with venerable history. The motto also shows its leading role in the monetary policy for the state and its unforgettable contribution in the national development in consensus with the financial and economic volatiles in order to achieve financial stability in the country. He stressed that the CBI has settled upon the slogan map of Iraq as the symbol of national identity according to the directions by the Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank to confirm its relationship with the Iraqi state. The CBI has been used Icon in the logo of a number of blends of Iraqi metal coin cash in the development of Reducers ideas.

A New Slogan Introduced by the Central Bank of IraqThe motto also mentions the memory of Iraqi people and presented a symbol of its efficient monetary policy for the Iraqi state. It is important that the opposite numbers of the Reducers mentions the development in a clear reference to perfect role of Iraqi Central Bank. The CBI is expected to activate the major development projects in the entire state as well as it reflected from an efficient position on the perfect financial policy in the country. Jabbar further indicated that two of the logos especially highlights that they delivered a clear message regarding the role of Iraqi Central Bank in order to point out that a dressing head is most essential for the national economy. He also pointed out that the symbol of CBI in the center of slogan map of Iraq indicated the role Iraqi Central Bank in entire Iraqi state from North to South and East to West, which clearly indicates the backbone of Iraqi economy.

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