A Large number of Iraqi People Gathered at Tahrir Square to support Iraqi PM

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Sunday evening, a large number of Iraqi citizens came out from their homes on the streets in all over the country and showed their support for their elected Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi for taking a bold step in the benefits of Iraqi people. It was a response from the Iraqi citizens with gigantic determination which took place in Baghdad, especially in most of the Shia populated provinces. The Iraqi Prime Minister announced earlier that government is ready to launch reform package in order to fight against corruption. Iraqi Prime Minister granted a reform package which would remove a number of benefits for officials and lawmakers. It would enable Iraqi government to monitor its administrative and financial institutions in order to reduce corruption.

Iraqi Prime Minister’s reform package will decrease the deadweight for state treasury and it would allow to pay due amount of salaries to the government employees. More than twelve years after the termination of Saddam Hussein, in spite of moving up Shiia, Sunni conflict and their power of distribution. Iraqi people are still suffering in getting basic services including pure drinking water, electricity and a number of basic elements. A huge flood of people gathered at Tahrir Square holding Iraqi flags and pictures of Haider Al Abadi and Sistani. A protestor said that “we are here to support our government in order to eliminate all corrupted people from Iraqi government and throw them into jail, Iraqi people are here to support Abadi to implement reform package in the best interest of Iraqi citizens.

A protestor 27 year old Muhammad Mehmood said that we are here to defend our Prime Minister and to encourage Abadi and his government to save the future of Iraqi people. After 2004, Iraqi political parties provided a political stability in power sharing system for political parties for federal and local positions. Iraqi Prime Minister stressed earlier that we should fight against corruption and to save money of Iraqi people and get back all looted amount from corrupt persons to improve state treasury. This reform package will be implemented very soon.

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