A Large Number of Iraqi Officials and Politicians Involved in Corruption: Report

On Sunday, Al-Watan newspaper published a report about a team of international investigators in Iraq. The report has indicated that the team has finalized advanced stages in the sentiment of Iraqi politicians and officials involved in the corruption process linked to the smuggling and money-laundering of Iraqi money abroad. The newspaper published a report today and said that names of criminals will be announced next month. The team started work accompanying with foreign companies in the implementation of large scaled investment projects with a significant amount of support by donor countries in the liberated cities captured by Daesh and other terrorist gangs. The newspaper quoted the report of a representative for Iraqi Integrity Commission Juma Diwan as he delivered his words that the international team has reached within 2-years of its work in Iraq in finding the involvement of senior Iraqi government officials and politicians in corruption.

A Large Number of Iraqi Officials and Politicians Involved in Corruption: ReportDiwan said that the international team of investigators will finalize its entire work very soon. Their final report will be delivered to the competent authorities on the basis of an agreement between Iraqi government and the UN mission. He added that the Iraqi Integrity Commission has information regarding the work of international team. It pointed out the sentiment of former & current Iraqi officials who held ministerial posts in their governments. The report also includes some key political figures from the Arabs and Kurds. The decision of commission stressed on the importance of preventing the involvement of political parties in the judiciary work. He added that Iraqi government will activate its role in prosecuting officials allegedly involved in smuggling and money-laundering and they will be sentenced to the jail. The news paper also said that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi might ask Iraqi judiciary to defeat hurdles to prosecute criminals involved in corruption within the country and abroad. It is important that UN mission in Iraq formed a committee to recover the Iraqi funds since 2003.

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