A Hidden Agreement between the U.S & Saudi Arabia for Daash

On Wednesday, the Russian news agency has uncovered a hidden agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States. This agreement will allow the terrorist elements of Daash organization to move out from the Mosul city towards Syria, before a massive armed strike to retake the city of Mosul. The Russian news agency also pointed out that this agreement will allow at least 9 thousand terrorist elements of Daash organization to move towards the eastern regions in Syria. The news agency indicated that the agreement took place in order to carry out a massive armed operation to retake control for the towns of Palmyra and Dair Al-Zour.

More 460 U.S Troops Arrived to Participate on Mosul Attack

The Russian news agency “RIA Novosti” reported on behalf of a military source in Moscow that the U.S and Saudi Arabian Special Officials have finalized an agreement during the preparation of the Mosul operation. This agreement will allow a safe exit for entire armed elements of Daash organization with their families before starting a massive operation into the city of Mosul. The report further indicated that airline alliance will initiate air strikes on individual buildings defined in the agreement with the Daash elements and militants will remain free within the city during the operation. The report added that the plan of Riyadh and Washington is to provide a safe passage for Daash militants to move from Mosul to Syria. It is important that the U.S President had decided to liberalize the city of Mosul in October 2016.

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