A Commercial Guide launched by Deloitte about Taxes in Iraq

The “Deloitte” has been considered a largest professional services company in the world, based in the United States. The company has issued a trade guide to recognize the tax situation in Iraq. The trade guide has pointed out that Iraqi authorities haven’t yet implemented the self-evaluation in the tax system and continuing the process badly affected by a review of the tax return request submission. The Saudi Arabian newspaper “Life” also indicated that the “Deloitte” has announced a new report regarding the tax environment in Iraq. This report has been issued in order to guide companies and to provide support to its customers and other parties interested in Iraq.


The major objective was to highlight the major areas needed consideration for the companies that are looking to invest in Iraq for the first time and the companies currently operating in Iraq with their expertise. The director of the tax department at the “Deloitte Middle East” in Iraq, Jane Stokes explained that General Authority for taxes is following the appointment of a new general manager and it is one of its major objectives in rapidly dealing with the tax calendar operations and tax revenue collection using perfect ways. Stokes further added that Iraqi authorities haven’t yet implemented the entire self-assessment tax system process and continue processing with affected by the review process to the Commission with submitted requests for tax recognition. The Deloitte report indicated tax consideration for important companies doing business in Iraq and pointing the most important factors degrading the operations of these companies.

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