50K Currency Won’t Impact the Value of Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Friday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba Najib issued a statement that the project of issuance of 50K Iraqi dinar currency has been considered as a neutral project because it would not reflect any kind of impact on the value and exchange rate of Iraqi dinar currency. She added that new 50K Iraqi dinar currency is in the printing process and this new Iraqi currency will be available in the market very soon, but this process will not show any kind of major effect on the value of Iraqi dinar currency.

She further added that the main objective behind printing new 50K Iraqi dinar currency at this situation considered preventing carrying large amount of money with extra weight. She added that the value of Iraqi dinar currency will remain same without any kind of positive or negative effects in the local currency markets, so people of Iraq should not to take worry. She pointed out that increase in small metal coins supposedly raised prices of metal in a number of countries in the world. Najiba Najib further said that there are a number of rumors discussing about the groundless effects on the economic condition of the country. She said that the Iraqi dinar currency is still on a strong position in spite of the severe financial and economic conditions that was being experienced by the country.

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