50K and 100K New Iraqi Bank Notes Launching Date Announced

On Thursday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Najiba Najib has announced that the 50 thousand dinars category bank notes will be available in the market in this current month. She further said in a statement that the Iraqi Central Bank would also launch the new category of 50 thousand dinars coin in the market in this current month and it can be delayed, but it will be in the market before mid of August 2015 after completing all their necessary actions.

Najiba Najib further added that Iraqi Central Bank has also planned for launch another large amount category bank notes, which is 1,00,000 Iraqi dinars category bank notes and it will be launched after execution of the project of launching 50,000 Iraqi dinars category bank notes. All the special measures would be taken in the completion of execution of these new large amount categories. The Iraqi Central Bank is responsible to ensure their advantages and disadvantages before and after the implementation of this project. Most of the financial and economic experts said that these new large amount of bank notes would be most attractive in the Iraqi business community and it would also help the Iraqi banking system in order to reduce the amount carrying from one place to another.

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