Over 500 Billion Iraqi Dinars Stolen From Central Bank

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The value of the stolen money of the CBI is 500 billion Iraqi dinars. This value was released by the Rafidain Bank and the total amount of money that was reported to be stolen was equal to 500 billion Iraqi dinars and the most of it was done on instruments except for eleven billion dinars.

The bank management gave out he statement so that the conversions can be done in the Islamic countries and the North along with the other two banks are managing the different things for a better management of the instruments with the legal ways. The money was basically stolen by the employees of the bank and it was the responsibility of the management to recover the money as soon as possible.

The director of the bank Kamal al Hassani said that the Rafidain Bank was responsible and they would be able to recover the stolen money within 48 hours. The search and the management of the recovery would be done by using the latest method, the electronic system and checking the records to see how and when things happen and who to get hold off for recovery in as less time as possible so that the loss for the state can be recovered.

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