390 Thousand Families In Iraq Given Grant

It was announced that the different families that needed help were given grants. During the year 2014 it was announced that financial grant was given to 390 thousand families. The government helped the needy through the Ministry of Displacement and Migration. The displaced families were given financial aid of million dinars for the handling of different matters.

The money was distributed among the different families settled in the various provinces. Erbil was given funds for 84.418 displaced families and Dohuk was given money for 86.966 families. In the same was Sulaymaniyah and Diyala was also given grants and funds according to their needs. The families that were being settled in the provinces of Najaf and Karbala were also given for a better system of managing a good system of the handling of the immigrants. The displaced families from Hamdaniya and Nineveh were also accommodated in the best possible way.  It was important that all the families were given proper system of management and proper housing and residential facilities. Living can be made easy not only for them but also for the local residents, so that more problems do not arise. Iraq managed things in an excellent way for all the 390 thousand families.

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