30 Trillion Iraqi Dinar Deposits Ready to Get Invested

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A number of economic experts have three proposals to manage the expected shortfall in the Iraqi budget 2015, in the foreground of the bank deposits. These proposals came during a seminar which was organized by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reforms, in which they discussed about the ways to get hold of the economic crisis, faced by the Iraq. Selling bonds, the deposit reached at 30 trillion dinars and government is looking to calculate the ration card item’s sale and purchase cost and need to improve the revenues from the non-oil sectors.

According to a senior economist Dr. Kamal Al-Basri, the bank deposits have reached at more than 30 trillion dinars and we can utilize these deposits to cover the projected deficit, which are about 6/4 to 6/9 trillion dinars. We can do it by financing in the sale of bonds, it was determined by the size of spending on the public as planned for 2014 of 98 trillion dinars, but it is negotiable up to 5% on the constraint demand.

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