$ 23 Million of Funds released by the French Court

The French Court has issued 23 million U.S dollars of funds reserved for Iraq. The Ministry of Justice issued a press statement that the final decision earns a final score from the French Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal Paris for the Iraqi government and Iraqi Central Bank. He added that recent decision will lift the reservation of the amount to return to the Iraqi Central Bank and this amount is estimated at 23 million U.S dollars. The Ministry of Justice also said that this lawsuit dates back to the year 2000 has been submitted by the companies connected to Iraqi Central Bank. They claimed damage and demanded the stoppage of funds of the Iraqi Central Bank.

Iraqi Funds

It is important that the Emir of Kuwait said that he has issued instructions to his government to support Iraq. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad issued an urgent directive to his government to help Iraq and resolve the electricity crisis. On Friday, the electricity ministry of Iraq has announced that Kuwait would supply it with fuel to operate the power stations of the country. The entire process will be under the guidance of the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.  The Iraqi ministry issued a statement that Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil will begin processing the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity with kazawil fuel to operate the suspended generating units and support the working units.

It was also said that a Kuwaiti barge loaded with the amount of 30 thousand cubic meters of gasoline kerosene will arrive on Saturday to the ports of Basra as a down payment and will follow quantities and periodically over the coming days. Point to be noted that Iraq is experiencing a critical electricity crisis because of the rising demand for energy as temperatures rise, and there are only a few production plants operating in Iraq. The electricity crisis and other service crises have triggered widespread popular protests sweeping southern Iraqi cities.

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