170 Billion Iraqi Dinars allocated in the Budget for Baghdad Province

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning issued a statement that the Minister of Planning Nuri Al-Dulaimi arranged a meeting with the Baghdad local government. The Governor of Baghdad Falah, MPs from the province of Baghdad also attended the meeting. They discussed the ongoing and new projects of Baghdad province for the current year and the most prominent challenges that stand in front of their implementation in a timely manner. The Planning Minister Nuri Al-Dulaimi said, “The ministry provides the essential working conditions to provide the best services to citizens, and its keenness to enable the local government and ratify the financial allocations required after completion of Procedures in the shortest possible time”.

170 Billion Iraqi Dinars allocated in the Budget for Baghdad Province

Al-Dulaimi announced the approval of the ministry to include a number of vital projects within the districts and aspects linked with the province of Baghdad. It includes the provision of full services for the project expected neighborhood and approved the addition of 170 billion dinars to the budget of the province in order to improve the reality of services. He pointed out the priority adopted by the Ministry of Planning In the projects of municipal services, health, school buildings, rehabilitation, and cladding of roads.

He called on the local government to complete the requirements for the inclusion of projects according to the priorities set and submitted as soon as possible. It should be finalized for approval and sent to the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Finance. The delegation of the province of Baghdad expressed their feelings and appreciated the measures directed by the Minister of Planning during the meeting. They also stressed the emergence of results in the coming days in service projects touches the citizen in various sectors. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Finance Ministry said there are more than one trillion and one hundred and thirty-four billion Iraqi dinars from the dues of the Province of Basra till the beginning of August.

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