13 Foreign Companies Interested in Building Nasiriyah Airport

The Dhi Qar governor Yahya Nassiri issued a press statement that at least 13 foreign companies have proposed in investing to build Nasiriyah Airport. This statement issued at the time when department of water confirmed about the conventional end of the shortage of drinking water, crisis reported from some eastern and southern regions of Nasiriyah. According to that statement, this airport would be a major point of reception in the investment point of view for foreign companies that are working in the oil exploration fields. It is also added that a large number of tourists needs to visit at the major and important areas in Dhi Qar. This airport would become as a source economic benefits and a major resource for the province.

Point to be noted that this airport will also generate more than 2,000 jobs for the Iraqi people and it will contribute in reducing the unemployment ratio in the country. The Governor said that 13 well reputed foreign companies need to participate in building process of airport and ready to invest in Nasiriyah airport. It is also said that these companies need to build City Games and Five-star hotel inside the airport. After completion of air navigation system, this airport would become an international airport. The ministry of water said that drinking water crisis will be resolved in the eastern and southern areas of Nasiriyah. We are taking some major steps such as feeding water from Tigris River. He also said that water stations would work normally and our department would resolve all concerning problems very soon.

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