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Oil Prices

Stable Oil Prices and Its Impact on Economy

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- The stability of oil prices is a big issue with most countries. Oil is needed by all and they need it because every industry is run on oil. Iraq has large oil ...
Technical Support

Germany to Offer Technical Support to Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany said during the fair in Baghdad that Iraq is a country which is rich in human resources and needs opportunities ...
Foreign Companies

Large Number of Foreign Companies Participate in Baghdad Fair

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- The Baghdad International Fair has been organized by the Iraqi government for several years now. The people of different countries have been taking part in it ...

Another Military Operation is Expected Soon

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- It was announced by the Citizen parliament that the adoption for the military operations in Iraq might be done soon. The current year budget has not been announced ...
Dollar Price

Dollar Price on Low Again

Irai Dinar 123 News :- The prices of dollar have gone down during the past three weeks. The exchange rate has also gone quite low which has affected the economic data. The economy of ...
Money Laundering

Iraq to Operate With Interpol to Recover Money from Embezzlers

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Corruption and money laundering are two major issues that Iraq is facing for numbers of years and taking measures to control them. According to a report $38 billion ...
Iraq Situation

World Bank Ready to Support Displaced People of Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Iraq is facing numbers of problems as a result of recent clashes between Iraq security forces and Sunni Militants in the different parts of the country. The militants ...
Iraq & Japan

Iraq to Sign Memorandum of Technical Understanding with Japan

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Ministry of commerce and trade of Iraq announced that Iraq is signing a memorandum of technical understanding with Japan to enhance the economic and trade activities ...
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