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Iraq cancels dollar deal with Iran

Why Iraq stopped dealing in U.S dollar with Iran?

The office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued a statement that Iraq will have to give up the U.S dollar in trade accounts with Iran following the U.S sanctions imposed ...
Decline of Currency in Turkey and Iran

Decline in the Currency of Turkey and Iran in the favor of Iraq

The economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, Muhammad Saleh said in a press interview that recent decline in the Iranian and Turkish local currencies have been ...
Iraq plans to raise its oil production

Iraq has Massive Oil & Gas Reserves in the Country: Oil Ministry

The Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Allaibi issued a press statement about the plan of oil ministry to increase oil production in Iraq during the next 5-years. He said in his press statement ...
administrative corruption in Iraq

Administrative Corruption is disturbing plan of Siemens regarding Electricity

The economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, Muhammad Saleh said in a press interview to Baghdad Post that the financial and administrative corruption excessive ...
UN stresses the formation of an Iraqi government

Standards defined by the UN to form New Iraqi Government

The United Nations Mission in Iraq has stressed the formation of a comprehensive and pro-reform Iraqi government capable of meeting the demands of citizens and respond to their aspirations. ...
Iraqis lose half of their assets

Did Iraqi people lose their deposited assets in Iranian Banks?

After the collapse of the value of the Iranian riyal, recent data showed the loss of money of Iraqi citizens. In spite of, there are no official figures about the information of Iraqi ...
Kuwait send Oil for Iraqi people

Kuwaiti Fuel arrived to support Iraqi Brothers: Al-Sabah

The government of Kuwait has delivered a significant amount of fuel in order to support the Iraqi brothers. Yousef Al-Sabah (Kuwait’s consul general in the city of Basra) issued a ...
Iraqi Funds

$ 23 Million of Funds released by the French Court

The French Court has issued 23 million U.S dollars of funds reserved for Iraq. The Ministry of Justice issued a press statement that the final decision earns a final score from the ...
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