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Iraq is Prepping For WTO Membership

Iraq is trying to convince its friends and concerned countries to vote in its favor for the membership of World Trade Organization. Most of the countries are ready to vote in the favor ...
Iraq News

Iraq’s Economy Sees Significant Growth, World Bank Reports

The finance minister of Iraq appreciated the monetary policies of central bank of Iraq on the floor of the house after World Bank report about economy of Iraq. The World Bank with the ...
Iraq News

Is Iraqi Dinar RV Expected in 2014

People want to know about the exact timing of revaluation of Iraqi dinar so that they may earn from their investment. Thousands of people, including many financial institutions like ...
Iraq News

CBI Increases Dollars And Other Foreign Currencies Sales

The last session of dollar auction sales ended with the successful trade of US dollar. Central Bank of Iraq sold 234 million and 478 thousand dollars in this session that is the best ...
Iraq News

CBI Governor Defends Currencies Auction in Iraq

The governor of central bank of Iraq briefed media at Baghdad airport about recent meeting with World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). He said that World Bank showed trust ...
Iraq News

Commission of Integrity Monitoring All Candidates Expenses in Election Campaign

The government and opposition in Iraq is preparing for general elections 2014 to be held after few months. The integrity commission of Iraq is monitoring the whole election procedure. ...
Iraq News

Central Bank Auction of US Dollars Higher

As compare with the dollar auction sales of yesterday, 2013.461 million dollar, the auction sales of dollar at central bank of Iraq is recorded 218.728 million dollar today. The exchange ...
Dinar Exchange Rate

Foreign Banks Refused to Exchange Iraqi Dinar at New Higher Rates

Central bank of Iraq introduced new higher Iraqi dinar exchange rate for international trade last week but foreign banks refused to accept this rate in their trade. Central bank of ...
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