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International Companies

Contractors returns to Iraq: Poppy3

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- Poppy says that according his information some independent contractors is coming back to Iraq to continue their projects in the country. It seems that security ...
Tourism in Iraq

Government Financing Tourism in Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- Iraq not only has a lot of money in its oil reserves but also in the tourism sector.Tourism has a lot of influence in Iraq. It is expected that the people of ...
Economic Performance oil

Arab Region Economic Performance is on Decline

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- It was reported that the economic performance of the Arab countries has come down. The ESCWA showed that the production of the Arab countries is lower than the ...
IMF Report

IMF Reports Weak Economic Growth

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- A few countries in West Africa have been hit by the Ebola Virus which has caused a lot of problems for the people living there. It was reported by the IMF that ...
Iraqi budget 2014

New Budget is on its Way

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- The budget for these two years has been causing a lot of problems for the Finance Committee. The chairman was paid a visit by a member of the House which showed ...
Precious metals

Iraq to Import More Gold

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- Precious metals are linked with the investment of several citizens and make a difference to the economy. There are lots of reasons that have affected the price ...
central bank

New Banking Reforms bring Business in Iraq: CBI

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Central bank of Iraq is introducing new banking reforms to support local and international trade. These reforms are expected to bring positive change in the ...
Haider Abadi new prime minister of Iraq

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation in The Recent Situation

Iraqi dinar revaluation is again under discussion after the nomination of Haider Abadi as new prime minister of Iraq. The Iraq President Masum also supports Abadi as new prime minister ...
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