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Brent Crude Oil

Oil Prices Get Stable at $ 65.09 Barrel

On Friday, the oil prices are seems stabilized and experts believe that the Brent oil price is expected to rise in the month of June at 22 cents and it will be reached at 65.09 U.S ...
Finance Commitee

State Treasury is not Empty: Finance Committee

On Friday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider said that some officials have the allegations that state treasury has exhausted against the government expenses, ...
Deletion of Zeroes

Is Deletion of Zeros the Likely Path of Iraqi Dinar

Since the new Iraqi dinar issued with the deletion of Saddam Hussein’s picture, a number of rumors have predicted about the Iraqi dinar revaluation. A large amount of Iraqi dinars ...
Industrial Parliament

Industrial Production Can be Increased Only Through Good Planning

The Iraqi Parliamentary member Shammari said in an interview that demand and supply should be in one place to maintain the balance of market, and to achieve specific targets successfully ...
Asian Investment Bank

Iraq Looking Ahead for New Business with Asian Investment Bank

Most of the European countries and Washington is showing its fear regarding the project of establishing an Asian Bank infrastructure for investment, which is led by China. It is welcomed ...
CBI Proposes New Terms for the Dollar

CBI Proposes New Terms for the Dollar

An Iraqi parliamentary finance committee member stressed that the Governor of Sarhan Slevana said in a statement that the Iraqi Central Bank should sell the U.S dollar at official rate ...
Iraq Investemnt

Discussion Ends on the New Investment Act

The representative of the economy and investment commission has announced the completion of the discussion about the investment Act. The main objective was voting for the amendment ...
Hoshyar Zebari

Zebari Meets US Export-Import Bank Officials

The Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed with the Export-Import Bank of U.S and the ways by which the foreign and local investors are financing in various projects in Iraq. ...
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