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Over 70 Trillion Dinar As Frozen Money in Iraq

The time when Iraq is looking for its frozen assets in the foreign banks to fulfill deficiency of budgetary gap, more than 70 trillion Iraqi dinars are available in the Iraq banks like ...
Iraq News

CBI Intends to Develop a Better Strategy for Market Price Control

The third party contract is in the headlines of the world economic news. The economists from all over the world are giving views about this policy. Most of the economist of the world ...
Iraq News

What a Good Role IMF And BIS Can Play in Dinar Revaluation

The central bank of Iraq invited money exchange companies to do business with central bank by selling US dollars and other foreign currencies in the country. Central bank offered this ...
Iraq News

CBI Invites JP Morgan to Open a Branch in Iraq

The central bank of Iraq is aim to attract different foreign banks to open their branches in Iraq. The foreign investment will increase in Iraq if CBI succeeded in attracting large ...
Iraq News

CBI Looking For Option to Sell Off Petrodollars Without Daily Auctions

After getting support and appreciation of World Bank and IMF, the central bank of Iraq decided to expand the area of operation for dollar auction in Iraq. For this purpose the special ...
Iraq News

Iraq’s Private Sector is Anxious About Economic Development

World Bank and IMF ensured the economic growth and development in the Iraq economy. The economic policies of the government and the monetary policies of central bank of Iraq, worked ...
Iraq News

Govt Seeking to Settle Debt Obligations

The agreement signed with United States of America for protection of Iraqi funds in different foreign banks in the world, is going to end in the May. Number of security companies of ...
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CBI to Open Money Transfer Companies Accounts

The central bank of Iraq is doing its best to modernize the banking system in Iraq so that it may support international trade. The central bank of Iraq after the meeting of board of ...
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